12 Inch Chess Sets

Still, in most designs of chess sets, they are not luxuriously done and the materials are not such good quality. On the contrary, this marble chess set is done so beautifully and every piece of it looks so elegant and sophisticated. The chessboard is polished and finished with dark and light squares in alternate positions, making it quite attractive. It has the whole set being 12 inches square.

The marble chess figures look classy with the traditional details in an ageless and graceful style. These marble chess set are ideal for decoration in your home and perfect to be displayed.

This 12-inch board is best for those consumers who consider having a portable and mid-sized board when space is limited. What's more, it is a great option for presenting not only to chess lovers, but also to people who appreciate great craftsmanship. You simply place this set in the room and it makes a magnificent appearance.

This chessboard is 12 inches by 12 inches in size, and this is standard to enjoy the game while keeping it a bit compact. Radicaln has its variations in both 12 inch and 15 inch chess sets to cater to the size requirements of a customer's space, but it announced for sure that everyone will enjoy the beauty of the game by playing it on a marble set.